JAM Event DJ’s featured article on the Worcester Sun!


After ten years of friendship and three years of working side-by-side, disc jockeys Mark Senior Jr. and Josh Venditti are launching their own entertainment business, with a goal of providing better services to their clients and their colleagues.

The two plan May 1 to introduce JAM Event DJs, a wedding and event entertainment service based in the city that will book and source local DJs to perform at functions and afford, they believe, a higher level of peace of mind to their customers.

With nearly 30 years of collective industry experience, Senior and Venditti felt it was time to combine their talents and build a business that would allow them to further their careers.

“There are a million DJs nowadays focused on making a quick buck, not [on] the customer, where they will back out. We provide a contract, and have additional team members to guarantee your event is covered,” Senior said.


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