Not All Heroes Wear Capes (Our DJs to the rescue!)

Your Wedding day is the MOST important day of your life. As a professional, our team does everything we can to make sure of this. Sadly, not all competitors feel the same way. When choosing your entertainment services for your Wedding Day, treat it as if you were buying a car. The only thing is, you get one day in that car. Would you purchase a car with 200,000 miles, rust throughout, bald tires, squealing breaks, leaky oil and overheating, or, would you go with a new or fairly new vehicle that is loaded, safe, and ready to go a 3000 mile road trip, stress free?. What I am getting to, is there are many choices out there. Making the right decision should be done by having an open mind. Do not limit a vendor because of their pricing. Take a look and see what 10 different vendors are charging, what their packages include, and CHECK REVIEWS. Professionals that are truely professionals have MANY reviews (as opposed to 5 posted by close friends and family). Check out those video clips, pictures (if they are available) of their work. The review I am getting to is from a bride, who was new to the Wedding DJ search, needed help. She agreed to hire a DJ, who's pricing is considerably lower, that ended up bailing on her. This often occurs when couple's are looking for the cheapest price. This is no different then me being able to change light bulbs, go on youtube for an hour, watch tutorials and offer to do electrical work and say I am an electrician under the table for a better price. Would you trust me? I wouldn't, heck, I would be afraid that your house would burn down. This is the same idea for a Wedding. Whether that cheaper DJ even shows up, or plays the music you selected, or announces your name correctly, these are things as a professional we execute. This review, as my first blog post, is important because too many brides are NOT educated, and do not listen because they didn't budget accordingly. When this bride needed help, she gave us the chance to gain her trust. As you can see, our work was nothing short of amazing in her eyes. Her day was stress-free, and she was able to enjoy her Wedding Day the way it should have been. Mark

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